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About Phillip

Hello, my name is Phillip Phoelich

I currently work at IT Minds as a software developer, where I spend most of my time as a consultant for IT Minds' clients.


  • Master in Games (Technology) at the IT-University of Copenhagen (2015-2017)
  • Bachelor in Software Development at the IT-University of Copenhagen (2011-2015)

Work experience

  • Software developer at IT Minds (2016-current)
  • Software developer at PhotoDoc ApS (2014-2016)

My interests

Most of my interests lie within the game development space.

I want to get more experience designing games and with design in general. I hope to get some opportunities to work closer with the design team on games.

I’m also very interested in AI and simulations, which I will hopefully touch more during my education and projects, including personal projects.

Finally, I’m also very taken by VR and its possibilities. I own an HTC Vive and will be working on a VR project at ITU. Perhaps I will also write my thesis within the realm of VR.

Game Projects


A local multiplayer space builder and battle arena

Scrappers is a local multiplayer space brawler where players build their own spaceships and then battle to blow the rest up in a glorious mess of pew.

White Space

A dystopian first person puzzler

In White Space the player wakes up in a small room without knowing much about his/her situation. In order to continue the player must solve puzzles.

Software Projects


A digital documentation platform by PhotoDoc ApS

TaskLift is a digital documentation platform, where users can record and document their work and the data will be available within minutes back at the office.